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Warning other Companies impersonating Al -Madad Company

To Perform Maintenance of the Central Group

We would like to warn our clients against individuals belonging to some small companies who call customers, pretending they represent Al-Madad Company, and offer to perform free inspection of our equipment, including pumps, heaters, and central filters, for verification of their quality performance, then they pretend that there is a dare need for emergency maintenance and replacement of some spare parts and the purifying materials in the central filters, despite the fact that there is no need for such procedures. These fake callers are cheaters seeking profit only. They might even manipulate or deliberately damage our equipment to justify repair. Thereupon, wee double warn our dear clients assuring that any manipulation of our equipment voids the guarantee we provide. We advise double-checking the identity of those who commit such violations to recourse against them in the near future.

The Verified Maintenance Number is: 24919988