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Residential Sewage Treatment Units

BIOROCK-S is a compact, non-electrical sewage treatment unit. BIOROCK-S
100% Natural Process The purification process is fully biological. The bacteria grow on and inside the special BIOROCK® Media. The BIOROCK® units use many of the same water purification processes and principles encountered in nature. Useful bacteria are responsible for degrading the pollutants. These microorganisms are already present in the wastewater and are stimulated by presence of enzymes.
Pre-treatment Primary settlement is always the first stage in the treatment process. The BIOROCK-S must be installed after a primary settlement tank. Coarse materials are retained, heavy particles sink to the bottom, while floating items remain at the surface.
Biological The all-biological treatment process takes place within the BIOROCK® trickling filter. The aerobic bacteria, which proliferate within the media, require oxygen. Their metabolism removes the pollutants. A natural oxygen supply by means of the innovative draft system provides oxygen while reducing the operating costs