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PP-R Pipes & Fittings

  • Made in Portugal. hr (HELIROMA)
  • Polypropylene Random has a high level of electrical isolation what prevents the corrosion appearance consequences of the chain water.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity: It substantially reduces the traditional thermal condensation typical of the metallic pipes.
  • Reduced Load Losses : Fittings and pipes are characterized by the internal smooth surfaces, preventing the calcareous deposit, reducing to the minimal the load losses.
  • Adjusted useful Life: In agreement with the regression curves, it is possible to observe that for the hydro sanitary installations, in defined temperature and pressure conditions the lifetime of the system reaches over 50 years.
  • Installation Reduced Time: The most important characteristic of PPR system is the Thermos Welding union of all the elements, which is a safety and easy way to execute the work comparing to other systems.
  • Romafaser pipe is a multilayer PP-R pipe and it has 3 layers, the outside layer is PP-R 80 the middle layer is Fiber Glass compound and the inside layer is PP-R 80.
  • The acquired experience of mixtures between Fiber Glass and Polypropylene.
  • Romafaser Pipe dilatation is 7 up to 8 times lower than a normal PP-R, dilatation control of FASER pipe is made from the middle of its own body with Glass fiber molecules melted in the raw material, being the linear dilatation coefficient very similar to metallic pipes, it is possible to increase the pipe support distances and reduce the dilatation arms.
  • Romafaser pipe had bigger flow capacity, consequence of reduced thickness’s. Romafaser Pipe reduced weight is easier to handle the pipe.