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Reverse Osmosis Systems

(ESLI – PALLET WATER GROUP) Membrane filtration transaction devoted to pure water provision is called REVERSE OSMOS which is applied for water where classical purification systems become insufficient (seawater, well water with high conductivity etc.), separating all undesirable minerals from water.
Working principle of Reverse Osmosis is by means of membranes over the equipment. Water has difficulty passing along the pores over the membrane at high pressure. By the time of this process, while water molecules and some inorganic molecules can pass from these pores, most of the elements in water cannot pass from these pores and dispose out as concentrated water. Together with advanced technology, it has been possible to manufacture completely automatic Reverse Osmosis equipment and with supply of high quality water at requested flow, Reverse Osmosis Equipment have rise upside at Professional purification.
AQUALINE Reverse Osmosis Systems have variations of home based and industrial use. Dosage pumps, analyzer groups and similar equipment are designed over complete chasis based on capacity of purified water and it’s characteristic